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V. Rev. Fr. Steven Salaris, Priest
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     Posted: 17 March 2020

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For first-time visitors to

For first-time visitors to

All Saints of North America

Antiochian Orthodox Christian Church


            Welcome to our website!  We are glad that you found us.  First-time visitors to an Orthodox Church usually have many questions about what to expect.  Don’t worry, this is normal.  We hope this page will help answer some of your questions.


What services can I attend? – You are welcomed to any of our divine services.  We love having visitors; it is a blessing for us.


Can I bring the kids? – Children are fully integrated members of the Church.  They participate in every aspect of our worship.  We also have a cry-room if necessary.


Is the Church handicap accessible? – Yes.


Will I have to do anything during the service? – You will not be asked to do anything that would make you uncomfortable.  You will not be asked or expected to make any financial contribution when you visit.


I am not an Orthodox Christian.  May I receive Holy Communion (the Eucharist) or any of the sacraments? – Only Orthodox Christians that have been received by the sacraments of baptism and/or Chrismation and who are in good sacramental standing within the Church are able to receive the sacraments.  Non-Orthodox Christians or non-Christians are not permitted to receive Holy Communion or any of the other sacraments.  For an in-depth discussion on this, please see Fr. Steven’s article entitled "Personal Integrity and the Closed Chalice"here.


When you visit, please make sure to stay for fellowship and make sure you meet Fr. Steven.  Further information for first-time visitors can be found in our Visitor’s Guide, here.





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